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These letters I came across which were typed on the computer for sending to various people and make quite interesting reading about our lives, likes, work and breaks from a few years ago. I have never been one for keeping a diary, but feel that some day a book should be written - maybe this is the start of it! Addresses and other bits and pieces have been edited out, but still they are an insight into our lives and hence they are here and not on the travel pages!
Letter from America , Mexico, Brazil and Others 1990
......We started this trip basically in February 1990 when we asked the Sheraton for a transfer, or else if nothing was available, then I would effectively resign as at June 30th 1990. Margareth and I had felt that the 26 months were long enough in China,......
Letter from Bali and China 1992
........What started as a fairly mundane year to fill in time at Bali Hai Holiday Inn, and hopefully catch up on all my computer work actually ended up with hardly any time at home and a few more miles added to my flying total. Marg and I were fairly comfortable......
Letter from Singapore Diving 1993
.....On the local diving scene, you can forget it! I went once out to one of the small Islands out past the harbour here and had what was classed as a good dive, as the visibility was good that day. Luckily I knew my equipment by then and was able to put my fins on and adjust my BCD by feel! Actually it wasn't quite that bad. I was able to just make out the shape of my fins by looking hard.....
Letter from Thailand 1994
Marg and I have been well, and have just returned from a trip up into Thailand where we were for a week. Went to Bangkok for a couple of days and then headed up to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, which is in the northern part of the country and a beautiful area
Letter from India and Burma 1995
.....The country roads weren't too bad, but driving with the continual use of the horn, while the city traffic at that stage we thought quite bad. Little did we know there was worse to come! Madras being on the seashore had a big beach market each evening with many junky items, plenty of fishing boats and not too much crowding of the streets and pavements.......
Letter from Israel and Egypt 1996
Marg and I attended the World Association of Cooks Society conference in Jerusalem in April last year. This turned out to be a great trip, with time spent in this ancient city having a look around, and also trips taken to the Dead Sea,....
Letter from Europe 1997
Hi, and we are now back from our travels! Marg is in Glasgow still while I am back in Calcutta. Only nine months to go, and about five before I see what the job market is like. We had a great trip, meeting Marg in London,...
Letter from The Oberoi Grand 1997
.....Calcutta is a city that has totally fallen apart! There are about 18 million people here, and in actual land size not too much different from Auckland, and getting near enough the same amount of cars. As you can imagine there is a lot of poverty around, and when you go out at 12 midnight, the sidewalks are always full of sleeping people.....
Letter from Goa 1999
.......This may come as a surprise to you, but I am now in Goa, which is on the western side of India, a beach resort area with clean air, blue seas, white sand and not too many people in India. The property is 94 rooms with a couple of restaurants......