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This is the home page of Willi (Roger C.) Willson, an international, a world travelor who does not have a home in the accepted sense of the term, but can list a number of countries as to where I could one day go and settle down in. A bit unnerving sometimes but at others, I know that the world is getting truely global and ever smaller! However, presently I am in Chennai, and have been for a while, getting on with life after Marg passed on and now also getting back into these pages updated. There are only about six countries waiting to be uploaded, but many more waiting in the "photos to do" folder, that one day will see the light of day as chapters under the travel pages. The time is being placed into the first few now to bring the delights of some of the countries that I have visited to you, so I hope that you enjoy them and you are always welcome to drop me a line and say hello about your travels. South Africa in November, New Zealand from earlier this year and before, Vietnam the year before, China, Singapore and Hong Kong as ancient history right from 1988 times and a few side trips into Zimbabwe and Zambia, these are the ones arriving soon on this site, with the chapters in place and just waiting for the gaps to be filled in. Italy, Hungary and Turkey from last year are still waiting. Keep checking in and I shall keep you updated on the latest! Last updated on 15 December 2007.

This site was formerly for my wife and I but sadly Marg passed away on the 22nd November 2006 after a brief illness, and so it is with pride and sorrow mixed that I keep these pages going as a tribute to Marg, and for all who may like to browse through a bit of our lives and way of life that was. I am a Kiwi, or a New Zealander for those who are ignorant of our upper side of the world, but also an Australian, obtaining citizenship by decent as my father was born near Albany in western Australia. I keep it 51% New Zealand and 49% Australian so that it does not clash in the rugby - the All-Blacks will always be No. 1. For the last 20 years Marg and I lived mainly around Asia as I followed work contracts in my field of work as a Chef, and for the last eleven years, we have been based in India, with five of them in Chennai. Marg and I met in Australia where we lived in Brisbane for a while, renovating our house that we bought on a credit card cash advance and losing most of the proceeds in the '87 stock market crash. But we had fun and traveled to Britain and up and down Queensland a bit, with not too much money to spare in those days. We sold up in 1987 and left for Germany for a year before starting with our Asian adventure and the chance to see quite a number of countries around the region. No kids, and very difficult with the hours to have had any, but we always enjoyed each others company and traveled well together, with many cappuccinos and glasses of wine shared in many locations around the world. It always sounded so dashing and exciting our lives in being expatriate travelers, but it was always hard work and always a lot harder on the spouse, in this case Marg. Every three years up and moving, not spending nearly enough time with family members until sometimes it becomes too late to do so, and then saying goodbye to friends that you know you may never see again. For the person working, you usually lose yourself in long hours and a stressful occupation, while for the partner, it is a case of trying to meet new people and somehow building a life again that has been very much disrupted. Certainly e-mails have made it that much easier to keep in touch and with Skype it is easier still. On the Chennai front, now that Marg is not here I shall stay for a bit and see what happens, refill the bank balance a bit after the last couple of trips and take what life continues to dish up, as it happens anyway. What else to do!

MArg in BangaloreMarg and I were married for 25 years, celebrating our anniversary just three weeks before she died, and we were also together for the three years before we married, so a total of 28 years altogether. Our marriage was a case of, well... we have good jobs, the house, the car and traveled as we wanted, so what now?,,,, Ok, then lets get married.... and we did! A good life together and far too short, Marg knew me inside out and was my perfect partner to support and keep me in line in all we did. She had the patience to wait for me to get my follies out of my system, we had some great meals around the world together, very much enjoying each others company as we dis so and also with some great friends we had met along the way, she also understood the work I did and how much of a toll it took, on both of us, but particularly on her as I spent extremely long hours at the various kitchens. A great support to me and one who wanted only the best for us and what was a fair reward for the efforts that went into these jobs. It has been a difficult labour of love, but I have placed together some pages as a tribute to Marg, as an expression of my love and to keep the memory of my little lady as fresh and alive for others as she is for me. A Scottish lass with very hard working parents, Marg had traveled a bit before I had even started to think about doing so, working as an au pair in Switzerland and having schools trips prior to that across to the Continent. She arrived in Australia in 1973, while I arrived in 1978, and then worked in various jobs before working with Ansett as an air hostess and then Medicare as a counter clerk after that. At that time, on applying to renew her one year working visa, it was a case of being offered the Australian citizensip by the Immigration department, which she took up. Marg changed once more and started working in Hotels, which is where I met her. She had already worked in the Savoy in London in the Payroll department and then at Rolls Royce for a smiliar position, so a lady of many talents and not bad for one who could never fathom out fractions and equations! When we did start working at the same Hotel at the same time, where Marg was working upstairs in a restaurant with bar attached upstairs and I was on morning shifts in another restaurant downstairs, we did not get off on great terms to start with, as I was a young and drunk wild card then and Marg only saw me after I had finished work and spent the afternoon at the bar with a few beers. However, thankfully we got to know each other one evening and stayed together ever since, even when she went back to Britain and I followed a few weeks later! There is a lot more about Marg to be found Margareth Willson so click on the link and read more about this very special lady who left us when she was only 59 and far too early, with much more traveling still to do and more time that we should have spent together. One of the reasons we never went back to live in Australia or New Zealand, even though it was suggested a few times as life became difficult here, was that Marg wanted to be somewhere where we could still easily get to various places around the world, to be in the center of things and while our countries are great, they are a little bit remote in just being able to pack a bag and get going. Singapore is four hours away and Dubai fours hours the other way, so very easy to get to any other place in the world. So now the ashes are scattered in India, Scotland, New Zealand and some will be in Australia, so Marg will always be a lady of this world and I am sure is remembered all around the world by her many good friends and colleagues.

About this site, it is a personal web site but not private, created for a bit of fun, and to give me a hobby that can be worked on late at night after finishing work, it is also to keep in touch with our many friends and acquaintances that we have met over the years both here in our other overseas postings! I hope that you enjoy browsing through these pages, getting to know a little bit about me and Marg, and our life together and our families. Check out the monthly newsletters that are posted, usually on time, each month with bits and pieces of news from Chennai, along with updates on what has been happening on various trips or at the Hotel! It is also a photographic site, with travel pages from India, my country New Zealand, plus places we have visited or lived in over the years, along with some information and plenty of pictures. We have been to more than what is shown, and I am now in the process of getting thousands of photographs digitized and sorted, so the photos can be greatly expand these pages in the near future as time allows. In the meantime, there is to visit which is the site I have on my cooking career and which will be my main cooking site and is at present being formatted and edited at present and which will be targeted to be hosted and full of information by early 2008.

I hope that you enjoy these pages, taking time to browse through the photos which have been compressed a bit, but I apologise if you are not on broadband, as the download time may be a bit long in some cases. However, I feel that the quality of photos are better if I can keep to a reasonable size and you are free to use them for your own requirements! As it is also our hobby site, they are continually being updating by adding photos as they get formatted there is the newsletter that gets published each month that can be found under Monthly Newsletters that is a peek for the last month and you can check out the family pages and feel free to drop me a line at anytime to say hello - in the meantime - happy browsing and welcome to the site!
Just a Thought.........
On the World

I thought I would help to straighten a few misconceptions up at this time, by placing a true picture Upside down globeof the state of the world for all to see. What a shock it must have been for the Russians, Chinese and Americans to head into space and realize that the world follows the laws of gravity after all! What else can happen apart from that heavier matter always falls to the bottom! It stands to logic then that the greater and denser land masses in the "other" half of the world is heading down - a scientific fact concerning the movement of the plates - and this has surely become one of the biggest campaigns of disinformation to date, intended to stop the Aussies and Kiwis from taking their rightful place at the top of the world! Let us not be under any disillusions any longer, and can now truly say to those world leaders who lead us into wars and conflicts - "what rock have you just crawled out from under, mate!"
On Smoking.....

Isn't it a shame that cigarettes are so damn addictive, as I enjoy smoking and they also bring back some great memories as well! The other thing about cigarettes is that they are meant to take 10 years off your life - problem is they take the last 10 years off and nobody really needs them anyway, - probably the years between 90 and 100 years old - it would be a different story if cigarettes took the twenties from you, or the time that you would have been in your thirties! Philosophy according to Willi!
Some Sayings and Others.....
There is no rest for the wicked...
True, but it must have been because of my last life, because I am a proper little angel in this one!
Home is where the heart is...
In my line of work, home is where the pillow is!
Life was not meant to be easy...
But it was not meant to be this hard either!
You cannot have it both ways...
You can if you try hard enough and don't get caught out!
We all make mistakes...
Yeah, right, but some of us just don't make as many mistakes as you do!
I knew there was a reason for not becoming a Buddhist or a Hindu....
Who the hell wants to come back reincarnated and go through all this again!
A question asked once - Have I always been a Chef?
No... I was a kid at some stage and a baby before that!
Then I had - How long have I been in India?
It feels like forever.... and on some occasions it really feels like one day too many!!