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Travel Image Marg and I went to Romania as the plane was landing there on the way through to Beijing in 1988. It was a good flight with bare fuselage up front and just a few of us behind, but after leaving Bucharest, we traveled onto China over te Himalayas and had a great view. Also the best breakfast I have had on any flight - maybe because there were so few of us! Anyway, Bucharest has memories of being grey and dreary, with bread line ups, tight monetary controls but some great people. We had changed some money prior to arriving and so had these wads of notes that we could not officially use – therefore restaurants and bars were the answer! We met a some great people there, a taxi driver who sneaked us into his house and could only offer tea – which was great for us, but him and his family were so apologetic. But we loved his hospitality and was a real highlight of our trip. If he had been caught, there would have been a lot of trouble, so we could not speak while entering or leaving and could only relax once in the house.

Another couple we met were nuclear scientists whom we met outside the post office of all places! We did actually stay in touch with Gaby and her husband for a couple of years before losing touch (in the days before the internet) and had some great restaurant meals with them, in only the very best places of course! But then again, these were quite basic places with limited food and we did need to use up the money we had! I always remember a card from Gaby after the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu while we were in China that had on it – “We’re free, we’re free, we’re free - written all over it! Went looking for that card recently but I fear it has long gone.
Travel Image I know Marg and I stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel there and enjoyed the place – looking around the city and not being disturbed by any trouble at all. I love d the menu at he Hotel though – a great compilation of truly classical dishes that made my heart warm, but we learnt after a while not to be deceived. It seemed that no matter what you ordered it always came out as chicken and sometimes even lamb! So we learnt to ask what the meat was for the day and that was it! All the tournedos Rossini and carpetbaggers, the chateaus and the foie gras were just left over from the days in the distant past and now it was chicken – boiled, baked, grilled or fried! It was a good trip though, just too short like most of our trips, but nevertheless a pleasant interlude between Germany and China and one I was always glad of seeing while under Communism. I do not know if the people would be quite so friendly or nice these days in regards to the hospitality shown to Marg and myself!
The main square in Bucharest with nice Soviet style buildings placed around
Close to the area of the White Elephant, Ceausescu's huge palace which was not completed at the time we were there. Not sure if I have photos of this or not!
Looking over the city and the apartment blocks of Bucharest. A nice trip and some great people who made us feel extremely welcome!
The Church of the Patriarchy located in a small Vatican in the heart of Bucharest along with the Palace of the Patriarchy.
Buildings around University Square in the middle of Bucharest and the scene of some violent suppression of Student protests in 1990
Looking down the park towards the monument of the fallen Soldier in the middle of Bucharest
Through te center of Bucharest. I am sure i must have more photos of the city, but for now, this is it!
One of the canal works through the center of Bucharest
Flying over the Himalayan Mountains on the way to Beijing and the start of our new expatriate life
Over the Himalaya's and a nice flight to be bought down to earth again in the middle of a sandstorm on arriving in Beijing