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Below are some bits and pieces of photography from around India,and where there are hundreds of different photos that can be taken and show, here I present just a snap shot of some of mine. These, plus all the ones under the different pages will give you, I hope, a good look around parts of this vast and fascinating country. The first ones are of various places that we have visited and of which pages for themselves are presented under India Travels, while the lower ones are just some to see a bit of what I can see every day in living in this exotic place to show just a little of the diversity and culture found in India and to give a very small impression of this wonderfully scenic country! The photo of electrical pole below could have been taken in any of the cities or towns across India, and is one of the most common sights around. There is a great problem here with people connecting their own wiring to these poles, resulting a a lot of power theft and creating shortages for most consumers. The postal box is similar to the one found just at the end of my street and is in daily use - whether I trust the collections from these boxes I shouldnot say, but nevertheless, all my mail still goes through the Hotel desk! Getting mail is always touch and go as well - the Weekly Telegraph always arrives and yet many other parcels and letters from overseas just do not turn up - so, we must now be thankful for the Internet and the art of the instant message service! The other photos are And there is still a lot of the country I have not visited yet! As I get there, we shall continue to expand the pages, while at the same time, not neglecting the many other wonderful countries we become fortunate in being able to visit!
From the beaches of Goa, this piece being in South Goa
To the dusty entrance road in Jaipur, little changed in hundreds of years
A classic, but good, the old style postal pillar boxes still in everyday use
To towering Ganeshes waiting for their coat of paint and their celebration in peoples daily lives
Now its Victoria monument in Calcutta, built to pay homage after the Queens death
To the tranquil beauty and spiritualism of Pushka Lake in Rajasthan
From towers and fortifications in the sky in Rajasthan
Piles of potatoes and onions for sale can be found in any suitable gap or space
From the grand splendour of Mysore Palace near Bangalore
Onto a wonder of the world in celebrating a wife in the Taj Mahal
Electrical poles like this are very common all over India and the wiring is to be seen to be believed!
From artistry on the hands as in this henna painting
To artistry on the screen and Bollywood and Tollywood with their movie posters
From the formalities in a North Indian wedding
To a wedding celebration in South India
From streets that are full of trucks, bikes, people and sometimes cows with everything in between
To the backwaters of Kerala where the boats lazily take their produce to market
From the man in the street and his sugar cane press along with his young helpers
To the guys behind the cow in New Delhi keeping the grass short