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Travel Image Mysore, the Palace city! In 2001, on our way back from Kerala, Marg and I also dropped into Bangalore, firstly to see friends and secondly to get across to Mysore, about four hours drive away. Mysore is the palace city, famous for the grand palace there and also for the sandalwood products that from here. From Bangalore you can visit Mysore on a day trip, which actually does give you enough time,if you are not interested in shopping as well, which we were not. The palace is spread out on ample rounds and is just the way you imagine the Rajah of Mysore to be in. Grand staircases, rich tapestries, galleries with family portraits and halls of armour are all here. A good part of the palace is actually closed of to the public,but there is a very interesting museum there and the place I can well recommend a visit to. Mysore was always quite a rich state and this is proven in its palace and in some of the temples and monuments erected around the city. Added to that, it appears that there is enough irrigation and good agricultural land, so the place looked quite green and prosperous. It was on the to Mysore that we took the photo of the bullock cart, while it was on the way back that we came across the buffalos being washed in the canal. Mind you, it was also the place that our tour driver decided to speed along and clip the back of the cart as well, which resulted in heated exchanges on the side of the road! One thing we did find in Mysore though was the double charging business for foreigners. As a resident permit holder, we pay for all our travel and hotel bills in rupees, and have never had any reason to suspect a double charge system in place at tourist sites. Agra, Jaipur and the like, we were there as tourists, so maybe we just accepted the charges, as this is also the practice in China. But in Mysore, it was very blatant extortion with many times the value of a ticket being charged,and because we do not travel with our documents just to be pick pocketed, had nothing on us to prove ourselves residents! We therefore became thoroughly pi**ed off with this and quickly decided that there was actually nothing worthwhile to really see and left back to Bangalore. We loved viewing the palace and the museum encountering absolutely no problems there apart from the camera policy and in seeing the great countryside, but when it comes to being hassled and ripped off just to see some other broken down buildings and a garden or two,then Mysore can keep it and I shall spend my money elsewhere.
The Palace at Mysore - very spectacular!
The side entrance of Mysore Palace
The cathedral in Mysore - a splendid edifice!
Intricately carved temple located on the palace grounds in Mysore
Part of the Palace complex showing the museum
One set of Palace gates intricately carved
Intricately carved figures on the Palace walls
Part of the carved roof on a city shrine
Elephants located within the Palace grounds
Bullocks and cart still hard at work at the Palace!