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Travel Image When Meghan and I went to Zambia, it was just to cross over to the other side of Victoria Falls plus to take the helicopter flight around the falls, which took off from this side. We also had a bit of a look around dusty town called Livingston, after David Livingston, the first white man to discover the falls. The main street of Livingston, which was the capital of Northern Rhodesia from 1911 to 1935, is Mosi-oa-Tunya Road that is lined with classic Victorian tin roofed houses with wooden verandas and are a typical example of the English settler architecture. Northern end there is a market under canvas, tin and wood where we had some good souvenir shopping and the best value, or cheapest price if you like, of all the areas we visited! Lunch saw us in the Royal Livingston Hotel, a four stars 173-roomed nice place on the Zambia side of the river, which looked very much out of place amongst all the rest of the poverty around. Attached are a couple of photos of it! Not much more to say about this place, as only stayed a short time here and did not have a good look around. We had no trouble for the visa, getting it on arrival, but it is easier that you have a car to get from one point to another, especially if you are not into back packing any longer. Anyway, all very easy and no extra money to pay either! After lunch, we then left to go down to the falls themselves and took a nice afternoon walk around them before heading back into the hotel on the Zimbabwe side.
Looking over the dry countryside of Zambia near the Victoria Falls
A shot from the helicopter as we head over o the Falls and swoop into the canyons
Village huts perched on the edge of the canyon near Victoria Falls
A village spread out below as we cross over by helicopter
Another shot of the village in the dry plains near the Victoria Falls. We were not there in the wet season, so the falls were low and the country dry!
The countryside parched out around the falls
The landing site for the helicopter, when we took an half hour flight around the falls and the canyons
The dryness around Zambia and this is the landing site coming into view
Huts along the road coming into Livingston, the closest tourist town on the Zambia side, to the falls
A sot of the main street of Livingston, named after David Livingston, the first white man to see the "Smoke that Thunders"
Just a view of the main shopping street of Livingston looking north
Another photo of the mai street looking south this time, and the market is also located just to the south of the main buildings
The street was quite wide with plenty of parking, so a good place to stop and have a look around for a few hours
Some more of Livingston and the dusty, dry feeling of the town
One of the stores on the main Livingston Road just opposite the market place
In stark contrast to Livingston is the 4 star splendor of the Royal Livingston Hotel, between Livingston and the falls
Under the trees by the river bank for a relaxing view of elephants, hippos and other wild life coming down for water
The terrace restaurant where Meghan and I had lunch and a nice espresso, which is a world apart fromt he reality outside the hotel
This is the bar of the hotel, a cool oasis within, and a great place to cool those safari thirsts!
If you do not fancy swimming in the Zambezi River with the crocodiles and hippos, there is always the hotel pool to cool off in!