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Travel Image Hong Kong became for a while a second city to Marg and myself. We first landed here in 1988 after leaving Germany to take up the number two Chef at The Great Wall Sheraton. We flew in on Tarog, the Romanian Airlines after having a week or so in Bucharest, then flying over the Himalayas and landing in Beijing during a dust storm. Quite a ride! As the plane was only a quarter full, we all had great access to see the mountains as we flew over, had the best omelette for breakfast that I can remember and did not worry that the whole front of the plane was empty of everything, seats, walls and fixtures, as of course, there was no business of first class on a Communist carrier. From Beijing we went in and out of Hong Kong fairly often – it was our transit point three or four times a year and on return, as we flew out for our four monthly Rest and Recreation and on annual leave. One of the best aspects of landing in Hong Kong then was the old airport, when you came in through the buildings and literally looked in people’s living rooms as you came in to land. Quiet a sight and one I always enjoyed. It was here we saw the Concorde land one day on one of it’s flights around the world and also where a Chinese airline flight overshot the runway and end up nose first into the waters, and two weeks later we were taking the same flight out! We have flown out in typhoons (hurricanes) and one trip to Auckland from there was the last flight out before the airport shut because of a typhoon and while seated at the first row in the plane had quite a rough ride getting up and away! Over all, good experiences with the old airport, not to be repeated with the new modern one now and another rof these events that have passed into history. As we stayed mainly in the Kowloon side, we always had a short trip from there to the Hotel, which was a blessing! Mainly it was Sheraton we stayed at, but have also stayed at the Holiday Inn there and a couple of others over the years.
Travel Image My first good camera was bought in Hong Kong, in the days before I learnt how to handle the salesmen, so a change here and a change there, and I only ended up with the Nikon body. Two weeks later it dropped three feet onto marble and over the years it has been crushed while using as a pillow on a Chinese train, the battery cover glued shut during a European trip, the flash unit smashed off in China and various other calamities happened, but the initial buy was an excellent one, as with a few changes back to Nikon, the camera is still going strong 20 years later. Mind you, I use mainly digital now, but still prefer the old 401 to the newer film Nikons. So we got to know Hong Kong quite well, and adventured into the back alleys looking for fish tank accessories for our tank back in China, hunting up soap and toothpaste which was not easily found in China at that time and generally exploring and having a good time. We rode to the Peak, too trips on the sampans, ate in the restaurants and of course, spent money. Hong Kong became quite well known to us over those years, less so now as Singapore became my transit point with postings in this part of Asia, but I still know where the Aussie pubs are and where to hunt out a bargain. I have not been there much since my Beijing days, but did spend a night there recently on my way through to New Zealand, where I caught up with a good friend and had a bit of a wander around d the Hong Kong side, checking out the changes!