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Travel Image When it comes to our families, both Marg's and mine are very different, as you will see from the next pages. Marg is an only child, born in Scotland, while myself, coming from New Zealand have three other brothers and sisters and quite a large uncle and aunt scene attached. However, we both have been free spirits and our family life has been minimalist to say the best. The very positive side though, is that we know they are always there and we are always accorded an extremely warm welcome when we do meet! Due to our traveling, this usually happens years apart, but we know we are family, - this will never change.

Margareth with her Mum, Margaret Freer, taken in 2001. Marg's family hails from Scotland, as I said, and also with good amount of history behind the family. She is a Freer, from the Glasgow area and apparently descended from Robert the Bruce way back in time! Marg also has a couple of cousins who are floating around the world, one in South Africa and with some relatives in Canada also. Her father was in the Far East during the duration of the second world war and then spent the rest of the time in Glasgow, having had enough of traveling for one life time, although her mother did stay with us in Australia for a few months back in 1998 or so. The fairly recent history of Marg's family is quite closely associated with Greenock, near Glasgow, where grandparents were wardens or in service in some manor houses, but sadly, the house that once was there, is now part of a school yard!

While we come from very different sorts of family groups, we share very similar values in life and both enjoy the company of each other without having large family groups around. We do both try and get back to our respective countries when we can and enjoy the time as offered, but there is also the enjoyment of just the two of us walking down an empty beach, or sharing a cup of coffee together. The long term enjoyment of pets though is one thing we both miss in our lives and which we hope to be able to enjoy one day soon.
In the meantime, I suppose that this site is our legacy and the little bit of me that I can leave behind for all to share! My family as I said is quite large, with the four of us, my three aunts from my fathers side, Elma, Phyllis and Bernice, all with families of their own and also four brothers and sisters on my mothers side. We are quite a traveling family with one niece having studied in Brazil, another in Australia, all my family having traveled overseas, - in fact, I do not think there is anyone who is above 30 that has not taken at least on trip away. My aunt Kate used to go skiing over to Europe nearly every year and now concentrates on home skiing fields, but is also very involved in development work in Nepal. But basically, my family is divided into two parts, with my sister Debby and myself having both lived overseas for many years and my other sister Judith and brother Trevor having taken smaller trips away, with Trevor even working in the Cook Islands for a year! It was also a factor why we could not have a family photograph taken for nearly 20 years,a s either one or another of us was always missing from the picture! Mind you, last year was also the first time in 30 odd years that we all spent Christmas together, mostly my fault though, as the Hotels are always busiest at Christmas and it is only when I am between jobs that this period can be enjoyed. (The four of us kids in 1989, one of the rare group photos)

The following family pages are produced and bought to you with love and affection for mine and Marg's families. Maybe they would like to see different photographs presented, or some different writing - I hope they do and will keep me supplied with morephotograpghs that can be shown here of the Willson and Freer clans and all our wanderings and a little bit of our lives, loves and joys. Enjoy the pictures, read the writings and contact us if you so desire!
My sister Judith (b. 1954) with husband Bruce, who has four children, Ben, Catherine, Michael and Steven was always the bright one amongst us!
Trevor my brother (b. 1960) and his wife Angela. They have two children, Jessica and Bradley and he is into electronics in big way!
Margaret, my Scottish lady Now celebrating 24 years of marriage as at 1st November 2005
My mother, Barbara (b 1936 d. 2004), was living in Hamilton with a couple of her four legged friends!
Debby and Marg having a chat over coffee in Hamilton 2005
Angela, Jessica and Debby enjoying the Christmas together in 2004
My father Frank (b 1934),married to Betty, with us four kids
Debby is my younger sister (b. 1958) has two boys,Reuben and Isaac and a very busy structural Engineering job!
Aunt Lesley with myself and Marg in 1995
With Aunt Alma and Gerald visiting in Singapore in 1993
Marg with nephew Steven and niece Jessica in 2004
Isaac getting to be experts at Patience
Dads family meeting in 2003 with Ross and Phyllis (sister) and Dad (Frank) and Betty (wife) in the back row and Gerald and Ellie (sister) along with Bernice (sister) and Ron in the front